Welcome summoner,

LoLCompanion gives you all you need to win your games :

Before the game

Access to relevant information about your opponents like premade, champion global ability, favorite build, rang …

During the game

Share your opponents cooldowns with your teammates in real-time . You’ll always be a step ahead !

A quick tutorial is available below to help you handle the application.

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Core Features

How to use LoLCompanion

Home of the application

How can I connect to my League of Legends account ?

Connecting to your game is very simple : You just have to fill the “summoner name” field at the bottom of the application. We do NOT require your password. In fact, we just need your summoner name and the region from where you’re playing in.

What happens when I validate my summoner name ?

The application is synchronized with League of Legends API. Once launched, you will stay on the “Pending Room” screen (see Pending Room chapter below). As soon as the game is loading on your computer, the Companion loads the game data.

What happens if someone enters my summoner name ?

For you, absolutely nothing. Your timers are secured thanks to the password you and your team set. You can keep playing with a peace of mind !
The only thing that would happen if someone else enters your summoner name is that person seeing the same game statistics and timers as you ; but as he doesn’t know your timers password, he won’t be able to cause much harm !

Do you store any data from me ?

Absolutely not, nothing can, is or will ever be stored.

Pending Room

Why is there a pending room ?

LoLCompanion comes with an automatic detection of your games beginning. In fact, when you connect to the application, it patiently wait until you launch a game on your own computer. But you have to be careful because of the detection which lasts 10 minutes (which is highly enough), after that delay, you’ll be redirected to the home screen.

While waiting, you will be informed of the progress of the loading by a message that will appear on the bottom of the screen :  “logging”, “waiting for game signal”, “loading game data”.

Can I cancel the game detection ?

Yes, you can use the “back” button of your device to cut down the game detection, then you will be redirected to the home screen. You can also simply exit the application.

Which data are loaded from the game ?

Many data are loaded from the game :

  • Champions information : skills, cool-downs, icons
  • Players information : runes and masteries, league rank and points, most played champions, creep statistics, 10 last games statistics

As you will see in the “Timers” and “Allies/Ennemies” HowTo, these information allow us to give you awesome features as : premade probability, main champion probability, average skills with the champion, favorite build, creeps analysis, and much more.

Do I need a powerful smartphone to use the app ?

Absolutely not, the application makes a lot of calculations but has been optimized so everyone can use it.

Enemies Screen

What can I find in this screen ?

Once the game data are loaded, you will see the enemies screen with your opponents list. Here you can find a lot of direct information about their skills and their season experience. Let’s have a look to all parts.


Allies & ennmies screen details


Where do the statistics come from?

All the statistics that LoLCompanion get are based on ranked games. However some data are based on the entire current season whereas other are based on the last 10 last ranked games.
Some statistics are based on the current season as:

  • Kill / Death / Assist
  • Win / Loose
  • Rank
  • Global win rate
  • Win rate with the current champion
  • Most played champions
Other statistics are based on the last 10 ranked games as:

  • Damage dealt and taken (this is a percentage compared to his team)
  • Favorite build (calculate buy analyzing the recurrence of the item’s)
  • Average creeps per minutes

How can I access the detailed statistic page ?

Just click on the Summoner’s rectangle you want to look at.

What does the red / blue icons on the right of the line means ?

This is not a League of Legends hack.

Players who have the same icon (at the top right of each line) may probably play together. It’s a statistic analyse from the 10 lasts games and may be correct at 90%.

What does the star on the champion icon means ?

It means that the Player is playing with his main champion, so be careful!

How can I access to the tips message ?

By clicking on help button, depending on which screen you are (enemy or ally), you will see tips to have a better play with or against this champion.

Why do I see a Poro icon instead of a champion or object icon ?

The Poro icon is used when the Riot DDragon Image server doesn’t have yet the required icon. It usually happens for new champions and skills.

Timers Screen

What can I find in this screen?

In this screen you can find the ultimate and summoners spells of each opponent. You can also see the Drake and Nashor. During your game you will be able to time every event by clicking on the appropriate spell.

I didn’t have the time to click precisely when the enemy used his spell, what can I do?

This is not a problem, each click on a spell will reduce its cool-down by 5 sec.

Let’s say there was a team fight approximately 15 seconds ago and you’ve seen 3 opponents using their ultimate. Just click four times on each spell : one to enable it, three times to subtract 3 x 5 seconds.

Can I share my timers with my mates ?

Yes ! And it is one of the core features. You need to click on the padlock at the top of the screen to enter a pass-phrase to share and secure the communication with your mates. Then they have to enter the same pass-phrase. You can use this process with one friend or with your entire team. You can share your pass-phrase in League of Legends chat, Skype, etc…

What about the CDR (CoolDown Reduction) given by items / masteries / runes?

LoLCompanion calculates the cool-down of each spell based on the runes and masteries. However concerning items cool-down reduction, we can’t access to the live game information, so you will have to put it on the application.

To do that, click on the champion icon : a popup will appear. You have to specify the current CDR given by objects but also the level of your opponent. In fact, most of ultimate skills cooldowns are reduced at level 11 and 16

I did a mistake by clicking on the wrong spell, want can I do?

To cancel a timer,  just do a long click on it.